Chris Brown filmed holding female fans by the neck in onstage routine

Chris Brown has been filmed appearing to hold fans by the neck on stage during his current tour.

The singer is currently performing the European leg of his Under The Influence tour, named after a track of the same name from his 2019 album, Indigo.

His performances in the UK in February marked the first time that Brown has headlined a solo tour in the country since 2010. He was banned from the country for assaulting Rihanna, his then-girlfriend, in 2009.

Though his fans have been anticipating his return, some have questioned his behaviour with audience members on stage.

During his performance of his 2008 single “Take You Down”, Brown often selects a woman from the crowd to join him on stage.

As well as serenading her, the singer will often also perform a lap dance while the fan sits in a chair.

However, videos from the Under the Influence tour have depicted moments where Brown has placed his hands around the necks of his on-stage companions during the routine.

Former Love Island contestant Natalia Zoppa joined the 33-year-old on stage at the Manchester leg of his tour and was held by the neck by Brown for a total of six seconds.

Zoppa reposted another audience member’s footage of her onstage moment with Brown on Instagram after the event.

The action has prompted backlash on social media, with domestic violence charity The Cassandra Centre responding to the video on Twitter

“This is so unpleasant to watch,” they wrote. “Even the fact that she’s on a stage with him doesn’t stop her obvious discomfort – as she puts her hand up to his as it encircles her throat.”

The Independent has reached out to representatives of Natalia Zoppa and Chris Brown for comment.

Brown has performed this same move during previous stops on his tour. While playing in Berlin earlier this month, the “Loyal” vocalist held a fan by the neck before throwing her phone into the crowd.

“Chris Brown with his hand around yet another girl’s neck. Yikes,” one commented on the video.

“It's more the hands around the neck and grinding for me,” added another, while another asked: “Maybe I should mind my own business but, why would you want Chris Brown of all people putting his hands on your throat after what he did to Rihanna?”

Brown’s tour continues in Glasgow, London and Birmingham from Friday (17 March).