Chocolate thief apologises to Woolworths with note 43 years later

A remorseful thief looking to make amends for his childhood behaviour has contacted a supermarket which he stole from 43 years ago.

Belle Vale Shopping Centre in Liverpool took to Facebook saying their faith in humanity had been restored after receiving a letter and a £5 note in the mail.

“I stole two bars of chocolate from Woolworths in your shopping centre in 1975, when I was a little boy,” the note read.

“I apologise, I didn’t know any better here’s the money I owe you for them.”

Unfortunately the supermarket he stole from is no longer in business, meaning his £5 ($AU8.92) will be donated to the centre’s chosen charity – Zoe’s Place baby hospice.

The remoresful thief offered his apology and a £5 note. Source: Facebook/Belle Vale Shopping Centre

“In a time of division, it is great to see an act of kindness that restores faith in humanity,” a spokesperson for the shopping centre told the Liverpool Echo.

“Belle Vale Shopping Centre wants to thank the sender and acknowledge his apology. It is a positive message that is worth sharing to encourage all to be kind.”

The touching gesture drew mixed reactions from social media users, with some questioning why he had the handwriting of a child.

“Why does it look like a kid wrote this when it’s clearly a fully grown adult,” one man asked.

“As an adult I love the way he’s spelt chocolate,” another added.

“That’s why Woolworths went under,” one woman joked.