'Chisel on train' woman accused of another train assault

A woman who allegedly pulled a chisel on Sydney rail passengers has been charged over a second terrifying assault on another city train.

Expectant mother Eve Illin is accused of attacking an elderly commuter two months before she allegedly threatened to stab a man who refused to change seats.

The 19 year old was charged with assault and being armed after allegedly terrorising passengers on a Western Sydney train on Boxing Day with a chisel.

Eve Illin, 19, appeared in court on Monday. Photo: 7 News
Eve Illin, 19, appeared in court on Monday. Photo: 7 News

In footage that emerged of the incident, she could be heard saying: "I will stab you dog, c'mon hit a woman you dog, hit a woman".

She left the court on Monday more subdued after telling the registrar she had to attend an urgent ultrasound.

Ms Illin was asked by reporters outside court why she had been holding a chisel in the Boxing Day incident and responded that it was “self defence”.

However, witnesses disagreed, telling police the ugly tirade began with an alleged racial attack on an unsuspecting passenger.

Smartphone video captured by a commuter showed the moment another man, Tarek, stepped in.

"The fear was in people's eyes I could see it... And I thought you know what no-one is doing nothing, I am going to step in," he said.

Seven News can reveal that this was not the only alleged incident on a Sydney train that Ms Illin has been charged over.

Two months prior to the alleged chisel incident, she was caught on security cameras allegedly attacking a 64-year-old woman on the Town Hall to Sutherland service.

She faces charges of assault and behaving in an offensive manner in relation to the incident.