Heartwarming reason man bought his girlfriend 25 iPhone Xs

A Chinese man has bought 25 brand new iPhone X smartphones to propose to his girlfriend.

Chen Ming, a video game designer from Shenzen, bought 25 iPhones and arranged them in a heart shape complete with a bed of red rose petals and an engagement ring in the centre, according to photos from Chinese social media site Weibo.

His girlfriend, identified as Lee, is a big fan of mobile video games and the couple met while Mr Ming was developing one. They’ve been a big part of their relationship, newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

The heart was made up of 25 iPhone Xs. Source: Weibo

He also chose to use 25 because Lee is 25 years old.

Mr Ming had the help of Lee’s friends in surprising her with the proposal and photos show her moved by it. She accepted.

Mr Ming used his shared love of video games with his girlfriend as a way to propose. Source: Weibo

It was an expensive proposal too – it’s estimated the 25 iPhones cost Mr Ming more than A$41,000.

According to Chinese news website ET Today, Mr Ming should consider himself lucky though. In 2014, a man used a stack of iPhone 6s to propose but got turned down.

His girlfriend wanted diamonds instead.

She said yes. Source: Weibo