WATCH: Dad fights off would-be child abductor with powerful kick

A quick-thinking father has stopped a would-be child abductor in his tracks by booting him in the crotch.

Disturbing footage shows the hooded man following the man and little girl as they look at market stalls in the Chinese city of Jiamusi.

As the pair leave hand-in-hand, the man approaches from behind and can be seen waiting for his moment to snatch the child.

Wasting no more time, he lunges at the girl’s right hand, attempting to pull her away.

Footage shows the man stalking the pair after they leave a market stall. Source: TV Soho
The hooded man can be seen snatching at the toddler's right hand. Source: TV Soho
The quick-thinking father scared the man off by kicking him. Source: TV Soho

The shocked father maintains a tight grip on her daughter's hand and raises his right foot, landing enough of a blow to deter the man, who quickly released the girl and ran away.

It’s understood the man responsible remains at large.

Market stall holders reportedly said the man had been hanging around for a couple of days and it was not his first attempt at snatching a child.