Chimpanzee filmed smoking at Chinese zoo as tourists watch laughing

A group of tourists have been filmed laughing at a chimpanzee which was seen smoking a cigarette at a Chinese zoo.

The shocking video captured the chimp playing with the cigarette at the Tianshan wild animal zoo, in Xinjiang, north-western China, reports Daily Mail.

The primate, reportedly known as Jia Ku, is seen smoking a half-finished cigarette and then starting another as the tourist offers the chimp a new one.

The shocking images have gone viral since being posted online. Photo: Youtube
A group of tourists could be heard laughing as they watched the chimp in the enclosure. Photo: Youtube

In the next part of the clip the chimp is seen grabbing the new cigarette from them and sitting back and lighting it, as if it is totally normal.

The chimp acts just like a human as he sits back, inhales and then blows out the smoke.

The tourists do not try and stop the chimp but egg him on with their laughter.

The 20-year-old-chimp reportedly moved to Tianshan from Beijing in 2012 and also apparently drinks beer while smoking a cigarette.