Police bodycam shows Maureen Boyce's killer inside her apartment after her murder

Chilling vision has been released showing Maureen Boyce's killer inside her apartment and his extensive lies to police.

The Brisbane mother was stabbed to death in her bed in Kangaroo Point two years ago.

Footage shows her killer and former lover, Thomas Chris Lang, waiting inside the penthouse for emergency services while the former model lies lifeless in bed.

Maureen was stabbed by her former lover. Source: 7 News
Police footage shows Lang attempt to cover his tracks. Source: 7 News

"I checked her pulse, I could tell she was pale and it looked like a bit of blood and I got no response from her," Lang told police in the penthouse.

On October 22, 2015, a police body-worn camera captured Lang trying to cover up his actions.

"She went to bed at nine o'clock. I gave her a kiss good night and tucked her in and that was it," he says.

The New Zealand-based doctor was convicted of stabbing her repeatedly with a kitchen knife in a jealous rage.

Lang claimed he didn't stab Maureen. Source: 7 News

He waited hours before calling triple-0.

"I just woke up and there's a knife in her abdomen," Lang told the emergency services operator in the recorded phone call.

"There's a knife in her abdomen?" the operator asks.

"Yes," Lang replies.

The lies continued from the penthouse to the police station as detectives probed Lang for more details.

"I think she got really distressed last night and killed herself," he said.

Maureen was found dead in bed by emergency services. Source: 7 News

He told detectives about Maureen's kitchen knives.

"They're razor sharp, they're like scalpels," he said.

Police then questioned him.

"Did you kill Maureen," they asked.

"Did I kill Maureen?" Lang repeated.

"Did you stab Maureen?" police ask again.

Lang has never shown remorse. Source: 7 News

"No I did not stab Maureen. I love that lady with all my heart and I thought we were finally getting close to fulfilling our dreams," Lang responded.

But a jury disagreed finding him guilty of murdering the mother of two. Lang has never shown remorse.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday. He will not be eligible for parole for at least 20 years.