Child's narrow escape after trees fall

Two trees fell in Pruinosa Street, Kununurra at 6pm this evening.

A young child narrowly escaped injury after a mature tree fell on the tray of the ute she was sat in this afternoon.

The tree was one of two to fall during a storm in Kununurra at about 6pm.

No one was hurt in the incident but two vehicles were badly damaged, as was the entrance to The Kimberley Echo offices. A third car suffered minor damage.

It is understood the girl in the ute was about 8 years old and from Wyndham.

The SES and police have been called to the scene at Pruinosa Street.

Addicted Studio owner, Amanda Doyle, whose office is based on the same street, owns one of the cars involved.

She said she was standing in the doorway with a parent of a client, talking about the storm when they heard a noise.

They both walked outside and the trees had fallen on the cars.

She said she immediately evacuated her studio, which was packed at peak time, with several classes ongoing.

Power was out for approximately 20 minutes but has since been restored.

Echo reporter Cally Dupe, was out of the office at the time the tress fell, but said she was quite shaken upon her return just minutes after the trees fell. "It was quite a narrow miss," she said. "It's great to know the SES and police are on their way.

"We know they do an awesome job and we are in safe hands."

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