Child's body found encased in concrete as police search for two kids missing since 2018

A child's body has been found encased in concrete in a storage unit - as police in the US continue to search for two youngsters missing since 2018.

Officers in Pueblo, Colorado, discovered the remains on 10 January when the unit was being cleared out after the rent was not paid.

Sergeant Franklyn Ortega said the remains were found in a metal container filled with hardened concrete.

Meanwhile, Pueblo Police are continuing to search for two children, who would have been aged five and three when they were last seen in the summer of 2018.

Sgt Ortega said there had been "no sign, no indication" of Jesus Dominguez, who would now be 10, and Yesenia Dominguez, who would be nine 9.

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Police have talked with their parents, but the children had not been reported missing.

It is not immediately clear how the two children are connected to the remains found in the metal container.