Children's toys to be removed from several Canberra medical clinics

Children’s toys are to be removed from waiting rooms in National Health Co-op medical clinics across Canberra because they have been deemed a breeding ground for germs.

"When children come into the surgery, unfortunately most of the time they are carrying some sort of disease or infection," managing director Adiran Watts told 666 ABC Canberra.

"The easiest way for them to pass on the sickness is through sharing of toys.”

Mr Watts said that toys were getting “really grotty” and were “difficult to keep clean”.

"Unfortunately not all parents are looking after their kids or keeping them away from the playrooms when they're most infectious," he said.

After opening six years ago, National Health Co-op now operates six bulk-billing medical centres across Canberra.

Mr Watt told ABC Canberra that reception staff were having to wipe down toys every day.

While they were “a nice thing to have on paper,” he said “after just one use a child can pass on a toy to the next child and there goes the disease with it”.

Soft toys, abacuses, blocks and dolls are among the toys that will be removed from the provider’s waiting rooms.

However, Mr Watt said parents could still bring toys from home to the clinics.