Child-like sex dolls seized in NZ as Australia fears rising imports

A "handful" of child-like sex dolls have been seized by customs at New Zealand airport.

The dolls have caused international anger after customers started ordering ones with a likeness to children as young as five with real human hair and eyelashes.

New Zealand customs said they have seen a rise in the dolls coming into the country over the past 12 months, but have not yet charged anyone for importation, the NZ Herald reported.

The child-like dolls have caused international anger. Photo:

Customs investigations manager Bruce Berry said his team were monitoring what people were bringing into the country very closely.

"We're seeing some of these [dolls] start to appear on the border. And really that's, to my mind, the effect of globalisation and the shrinking of the virtual borders that we have," he said.

Importation of all sex dolls is prohibited in New Zealand and Mr Berry said customs have been using "discretion" during interceptions.

In May, figures from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection revealed there are 11 open cases relating to the importation of sex dolls, according to the Advertiser.

Buyers can pay $500 to select the eye colour, hair colour and toenail paint.

Customs officials said they will keep a close eye on what comes in through New Zealand airport. Photo: Getty