Child Benefit payments extension deadline: How to tell HMRC your teen is continuing education

Child benefit is a lifeline to thousands of parents  (PA Archive)
Child benefit is a lifeline to thousands of parents (PA Archive)

There are only a few days left for parents to tell the government that their child is in post-16 education to continue receiving child benefits.

The deadline is one week after GCSE results day (August 24) which means that HMRC will need to know before this Thursday (August 31) if they are continuing education or training.

Child benefit payments stop on August 31 after a child turns 16, but parents can extend their claim if their child is continuing in approved education or training.

Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s director general for customer services, said: “Child benefit can provide financial support to families, so make sure you don’t miss out if your teenager is still eligible.”

Here is our full list of benefit payments which are set to be made in August - while the government has also been making cost of living payments.

Can I get an extension on my child benefit?

Yes. The benefit will continue to be paid for children who are studying full time which can include: A levels, international baccalaureate, home education, T levels, NVQs and traineeships.

Teenagers who are taking part in a course that is partly a job contract will not qualify.

There is further small print of the ins and the outs available on the government website.

How to extend child benefit

HMRC said it recently wrote to parents about extending their child benefit claim and that this letter included a QR code.

When this code is scanned, it directs them to GOV.UK to update their claim online. Any changes will be applied to their child Benefit claim immediately.

Ms Lloyd added: “You can quickly and easily extend your claim online or via the HMRC app, just search ‘child benefit when your child turns 16’ on GOV.UK.”

A further disclaimer is that parents will need a Government Gateway user ID and password to use the services as well as their National Insurance number or postcode and two forms of ID to register on GOV.UK.

Does child benefit stop automatically at 18?

Any child benefit will stop when the child turns 18 as they are no longer eligible - even for the extension to the benefit which can be prolonged for 20 months.

Has child benefit gone up in 2023?

For 2023/24, the benefit for the oldest or only child has risen by £2.20 per week from £21.80 to £24.00. For additional children, it has risen by £1.45 a week from £14.45 to £15.90.