Cherry picker deployed as man triggers eight-hour police stand-off on suburban roof

Witnesses said the hours-long ordeal on Anzac Day was 'pretty scary' for suburban Brisbane.

A knife-wielding man has been arrested after breaking into a suburban home and climbing onto the roof, triggering an eight-hour police standoff which resulted in a cherry picker being called in to deploy tear gas and bring the bizarre standoff to an end.

The saga unfolded in Keperra in Brisbane's north on Anzac Day during daylight, eventually lasting well into the evening until about 11.30pm. The alleged offender was first spotted running through the streets "in a clearly agitated state" and was captured on multiple home surveillance cameras.

He then allegedly broke into a home and made his way onto the top of one house, where he was seen ripping tiles from the roof before he allegedly "put his foot through the ceiling". Dramatic video shows the man brandishing a large knife, which police allege was one of two in his possession.

The man pictured sitting on the rood in broad daylight.
A 32-year-old man has been arrested after triggering an eight-hour stand-off with police yesterday. Source: 7News

Some neighbours were evacuated, while others were warned to stay inside their homes while the shocking scenes unfolded. One resident who spoke to media said the situation was "pretty scary for suburban Brisbane".

"They [police] said there's a man on top of the roof with a knife and a machete," witness Michael Gaffe recalled. Queensland Police Inspector Andrew Tracey said the man "was [allegedly] armed with two large knives" which made "that a dangerous situation for police".

"He ended up ripping the tiles off of the roof of the house and was getting into the roof cavity of the house. Then I believe he put his foot through the ceiling in some spots," neighbour Charlie Hurren told 7News. Pictured broadcast by the network show the damaged caused during the hours-long incident.

A 32-year-old man in seen on top of a Brisbane property during a police stand-off on Anzac Day, beside an image of a cherry picker that was brought in to help.
A cherry picker was called in to deploy tear gas in an effort to coax the man from the roof. Source: 7News
The roof and interior ceiling is seen damaged here after the police stand-off in Keperra.
The property was damaged from both the inside and out. Source: 7News

The man allegedly stole a set of car keys and icy poles from the property's freezer, before he made his way up onto the roof. With streets cordoned off, specialist officers used a cherry picker to get close enough to throw canisters of tear gas.

The owner of the home, who didn't want to be identified, was in Cairns at the time. Eventually, police managed to coax the 32-year-old down from the roof, where he was arrested and taken to hospital for medical assessment.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Queensland Police for an update.

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