Cher denied temporary conservatorship over son Elijah, 47

Cher’s request to have her adult son placed in an emergency court conservatorship controlling his money has been rejected by a judge.

The Oscar and Grammy-winning star, 77, applied to be the sole conservator of Elijah Allman’s estate last December, arguing that he cannot manage his assets due to “severe mental health and substance abuse issues”.

A court filing said she was concerned that any payments distributed to her son, 47, from the trust of his late father, rock musician Gregg Allman, would be “immediately spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself and putting Elijah’s life at risk”.

Cher also reportedly claimed Allman’s estranged wife Marie Angela King cannot be his conservator because “their tumultuous relationship has been marked by a cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises”.

At the time, a representative for King told The Independent she has “never suffered from any form of substance abuse, mental health or addiction issues nor has she ever enabled Mr Allman’s substance use”.

The singer added: “I have always been a champion for the sober community and for Elijah’s sobriety. I have full confidence in legitimate, ethically operated, HIPAA protected American medical establishments that offer long standing, time-tested treatment for those suffering from substance abuse or any number of mental health issues. What I am not ok with are establishments that exclude me (his wife) from being part of Elijah’s treatment and hopeful recovery.”

Allman did not respond to The Independent’s request for comment.

Los Angeles court superior judge Jessica A Uzcategui declined the petition on Monday 29 January after deciding that a conservatorship was not urgently needed. However, she will still consider a larger, long-term conservatorship at a hearing in March.

Cher observed the hearing remotely and appeared on a large screen in the court room, but did not take part in the arguments.

Cher’s application for a conservatorship over her son was rejected (2022 Invision)
Cher’s application for a conservatorship over her son was rejected (2022 Invision)

Allman appeared in court with his attorneys, who acknowledged his previous struggles but argued he is in a good place now, receiving treatment and attending meetings, as well as reconciling with King.

“We are thrilled that the court saw that he does not need a temporary conservatorship,” Allman’s lawyer said as he stood alongside him outside the courthouse. “He’s got a lot of support, he’s doing great.”

Allman and his attorneys have consistently denied claims by Cher’s lawyers that the support he is receiving is from people who tell him what he wants to hear.

Cher with Elijah in 2001 (Getty Images)
Cher with Elijah in 2001 (Getty Images)

Cher’s attorneys said she was not necessarily seeking any direct control over Allman’s money, and would be happy to have a court-appointed fiduciary manage his finances. They did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the judge’s decision.

Court conservatorships, where a guardian is appointed to have control over a person’s personal and business affairs if they are deemed unfit to do so themselves, have come under greater scrutiny in recent years.

In 2021, Britney Spears was freed from the conservatorship placed on her in 2008, which had left her without control over her money and important life decisions for almost 14 years.

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