Chemist employee left shaken after dramatic near miss on the Gold Coast

Isabella Robinson

A heart-stopping near miss at a chemist has been captured on security cameras on the Gold Coast.

In the terrifying footage the shop attendant can be seen about to walk out from behind the counter, but a split second later a car comes flying through the store window stopping her in her tracks.

The owner of the store said the car missed the employee by just a few inches and she is pretty shaken up.

It's thought a 72-year-old man reversed his hatchback into a pharmacy on the corner of Queensland Avenue and Main Place at Broadbeach at about 11.30 this morning.

It's thought the car missed the employee by inches. Source: 7News

"We believe he was reversing from the adjoining street and I believe that he's probably put his foot on the accelerator accidentally," Senior Sergeant Bruce Pearce told 7News.

Police are investigating if the man suffered a medical episode prior to the crash.

The owner of the store says the employee is shaken up. Source: 7News.
The heart-stopping miss was caught on camera. Source: 7News

"There's no structural damage to the building, um just to a glass window and obviously to the shelving and stock within the store," said Senior Sergeant Bruce Pearce.

Cheri Gourlay who works at a nearby shop told 7News the car reversed into another car before travelling backwards around the corner and smashing into the chemist.

"It was pretty crazy," Ms Gourlay said.

Fortunately no one was injured during the crash.

It's thought the car missed the attendant by just a few inches. Source: 7News.

Shocked onlookers were alarmed about what had happened and thought it was miraculous no one was hurt.

One told 7News, "Pretty scary for the people in the shop."

The crash happened at about 11.30 this morning. Source: 7News
Fortunately no one was injured. Source: 7News

7News was told by the owner of the store that they had asked council to place bollards at the front of the building a few months ago to prevent something like this happening. But their request was denied.

The owner of the store estimates the damage caused could be between $10,000 and $20,000.