'Cheater!': $400,000 Mercedes graffitied by 'scorned lover'

An Adelaide man has been left with a hefty repair bill after pictures emerged of his $400,000 Mercedes with profanities spray painted on it, accusing him of infidelity.

“S***”, is sprayed on the passenger-side door and “man w****” is painted on the bonnet.

“Cheater” is painted on the driver’s side door.

A man’s $400,000 Mercedes has been spray painted by a scorned lover in the Adelaide suburb of Kent Town. Source: Instagram/ Daniel Marks & Elise Marie

The car is seen parked on a street in Kent Town, in central Adelaide.

A witness told The Advertiser a woman hit the car with a baseball bat before spray-painting it.

The car is a Mercedes Benz S63 AMG worth about $400,000.

While it’s not known who the owner of the car is, and if he indeed cheated on his partner, the pics of his car have received more than 5,600 likes in less than an hour.

A witness said they saw a woman spray painting the car. Source: Source: Instagram/ Daniel Marks & Elise Marie

“Savage,” one user wrote in response to the images posted on Instagram.

“This is shockingly sensational, absolutely golden,” another wrote.

“Explain that to your insurance company.”