Cheat: What is Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor's new Netflix game show?

Ellie Taylor and Danny Dyer host Cheat. (Netflix)
Ellie Taylor and Danny Dyer host Cheat. (Netflix)

Danny Dyer might have left Albert Square, but he isn't off our screens for long as he's launched a new Netflix game show post-EastEnders.

The former soap star is hosting Cheat with comedian Ellie Taylor – here's all you need to know about the quiz.

When is Cheat available to watch?

Cheat is streaming now on Netflix, where the first series dropped on Wednesday, 1 March.

All 12 episodes are available to watch now.

What happens in Cheat?

Cheat contestants try not to get caught lying. (Netflix)
Cheat contestants try not to get caught lying. (Netflix)

Dyer is back on game show hosting duties, having cut his teeth on BBC One quiz The Wall.

This time, he's joined by Ted Lasso star, comedian and recent Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ellie Taylor.

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When they were announced for the show, Dyer said: "This is a great new series and there’s no quiz show better suited for me; expect enormous wins, loads of slippery people cheating and banter with the one and only, Ellie Taylor."

The contestants try to cheat their way to the prize. (Netflix)
The contestants try to cheat their way to the prize. (Netflix)

Taylor added: "I’m so excited to join Cheat and the Netflix family. Cheat has all the elements I want in a quiz show; great questions, unashamed cheating and Danny Dyer calling me 'Treacle' at least once per episode. I can't wait to get started!"

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Cheat sees players tested on their general knowledge – but if they don't know the answer, they can still progress to the final round by lying and cheating their way through questions, as long as they don't get caught.

It pays to cheat in this quiz, because the winner could take home a huge jackpot of £50,000.

What else does Danny Dyer have lined up?

EastEnders is a time consuming gig, and as Dyer spent the best part of a decade there, it didn't leave much room to pursue other shows.

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However, his exit at Christmas has freed up some time and the actor also has another drama role coming soon, where he'll star in Channel 5 series Heat.

It is set in Australia during bushfire season and features two families taking what is supposed to be a dream holiday, which quickly turns into a nightmare – Dyer's character can be seen getting feisty in the recently released trailer.

He's also set to star in Human Traffic 2: Revolution, a sequel to the 1999 hit film.

Cheat is streaming now on Netflix.