The important change coming to Qantas boarding passes

In an effort to eradicate personal accounts being hacked, Qantas will cease displaying personalised Frequent Flyer numbers on physical and digital copies of boarding passes.

The change is set to be rolled out by the airline in the coming weeks to combat computer hackers from obtaining and selling on the hard-earned points of Qantas customers.

Eager passengers who excitedly share snaps of their boarding passes to social media have historically fallen into the unfortunate trap of hackers.

Using the Frequent Flyer number and the traveller’s name, both normally visible on a boarding pass, scammers can then guess their password and earn full access to travel information.

Qantas plane and flight ticket shown as airline removes Frequent Flyer number from boarding passes.
Qantas will roll out the change to physical boarding passes in coming weeks. Source: Getty Images & Instagram/Emma Croxford

At this point, flights can be changed, cancelled, and even sold elsewhere.

A Qantas spokesperson said the airline would be phasing out having publicly viewable Frequent Flyer numbers on physical boarding passes over the next few weeks “to maintain customer privacy”.

The sacred numbers have already been stripped from appearing on digital boarding passes.

Members will still be able to use their boarding pass to obtain entry to exclusive benefits, given it will still have their “tier status” displayed.

“Customers’ tier status (eg Gold or Platinum) remains visible on boarding passes and Qantas Frequent Flyer numbers can also be found within the Qantas App and on digital Qantas Frequent Flyer cards,” the spokesperson said.

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