Chained smoker: Desperate woman locks herself up in bid to quit

Have you ever found it so hard to quit a bad habit, that it’s almost impossible?

A Queensland woman, Krystel Spicer, battling with nicotine addiction has gone to extreme lengths to quit by resorting to chaining herself to her bed for the next three weeks.

When asked why she was taking such drastic measures the mother explained, “I am a 20-year smoker. I am one of those people who won’t quit to save their life.”

This mother is going to extreme lenghts to quit. Source: 7 News
Ever found it hard to quit a habit? Source: 7 News

“I had a pap smear done and they found abnormal cells, so after the results came in I just looked at my daughter and I said ‘well I’m just about to treat everyone really badly because I’m going on a chain.’”

Krystel has filled about her bedroom with an array of tinned food to keep her going for the next three weeks while she waits it out.

She also has placed a microwave in the corner of her bedroom, where she will prepare and then eventually eat all her meals.

“I’ve tried to quit once, I quit once, for four days and was told I was treating people badly here and they wished I start smoking again. And I wonder how many people are asked that by their loved ones?”

How far would you go in a bid to quit your worst habit? Source: 7 News
This is the food Krystel plans on eating for the next three weeks. Source: 7 News

Fighting back tears the desperate mother admitted, “You know, you’re treatin’ everyone badly so have another smoke.”

When asked what her mother thought of the drastic measure she replied, “She thinks I’m insane.”

“You know what, I’ll take life over mad any day,” she said crying.

“Basically you can call me mad all you like, I want to live!”