CEO unleashes on employees over 'catty gossip' and bullying

A Queensland CEO has taken to social media to vent about her colleagues, labelling them ‘toxic’, ‘annoying’ and likening them to ‘energy-sapping cancer’.

Vicki Batten, who heads community organisation FSG Australia, posted the rant to her LinkedIn account on the weekend, sparking an inundation of backlash from former colleagues and associates.

“The catty gossip. The relentless bully. The slovenly slacker. Toxic employees come in an appalling array of annoying forms,” Ms Batten’s post began.

“They’re destructive, distracting and draining. Like a cancer sapping the energy of those around them, they cripple their coworkers’ morale, performance and productivity.”

FSG Australia CEO Vicki Batten. Source: LinkedIn
FSG Australia CEO Vicki Batten. Source: LinkedIn

The CEO goes on to say that these negative employees love to “put the boot in” when an organisation is “experiencing tough times”, making reference to the plight of FSG Australia.

The organisation, which offers disability, mental health and aged care services, announced last week it would be entering voluntary administration.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin however, the company received around $60 million of taxpayers’ money annually.

Some LinkedIn users, claiming to be former employees, responded to the online post, detailing the environment in which they were subjected to.

“Apparent toxic employee here,” one woman wrote.

Ms Batten’s rant has since been deleted from her LinkedIn account. Source: LinkedIn
Ms Batten’s rant has since been deleted from her LinkedIn account. Source: LinkedIn

“I ended up with severe anxiety and PTSD due to management staff in your company. I loved my work and put all I had into it. Countless unpaid hours and days without seeing my family due to 48+ hours shifts.”

Another ex-staff wrote that she would “love to sit down and chat about your views on annoying”.

Others though, including a solicitor, wrote that FSG Australia had “bent over backwards” for him and had nothing but praise for Ms Batten and the company.

The post has since been removed.

FSG Australia confirmed last week they would be entering a merge or sale with an existing charity, the Bulletin reported. The future of the organisation’s 900 employees remains uncertain.

Yahoo7 has reached out to Ms Batten via FSG Australia for comment.