Celebrity Big Brother fans go wild for Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz's beef

"He's playing the game and she is taking the bait."

Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz. (Shutterstock for Big Brother)
Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz. (Shutterstock for Big Brother)

What did you miss?

Celebrity Big Brother's bickering duo Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz were the talk of social media after the latest episode of the reality show.

For this week's shopping task, which held a twisted fairytale theme, the housemates were asked to line up in order of evilness, with the former X Factor judge and YouTuber crowning themselves the king and queen as the top two.

However, their reign (which ended in failure due to Fern Britton and Colson Smith snacking on foods they weren't supposed to, thus resulting in an economy budget for the next shop) was dominated by disagreements between Walsh and Millz, much to the amusement of everyone watching at home.

Louis Walsh - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
The Irishman was really winding up his co-star on the latest episode. (ITV)

What, how and why?

Referred to as The Evil Rulers by Big Brother, Walsh began by telling Millz in their tower: "You play this part really well. You love the attention, admit it. You love it, you like it more than anybody else. You're confident and loud, you're full of yourself. That's the only way to get to the top, by being pushy. It's your nature."

Unwilling to accept his veiled criticism, Millz shut her co-star down right away, pointing to the fact she was merely a confident personality. They were then ordered to choose the three most brainless and heartless housemates.

"I wish I could put you in there, because you would be in there for sure," said Millz during the first decision. "What's wrong with you today? What kind of a queen are you?" replied Louis, which was met by: "What kind of a king are you?!"

Millz then asked Big Brother whether she could name Walsh as one of the most heartless, followed by: "I just say let's choose the three that haven't done anything and let's just come up with a reason - it's fair..."

"I don't want an easy way out," commented her co-star. Bored of Walsh's attitude by this point, she told him: "Ahh, OK well do what you want, 'cause I'm drained out right now."

David Potts, who had been one of their most brainless choices, was mentioned again by Walsh, but Millz refused to concur. "I have the final say," hit back Walsh. "No you don't, you actually don't. You're obsessed with making David do things..." she argued. As for the wicked king's reasoning, David seemed "well able".

"Are you OK? That's not the question. You just wanna see him suffer, you just wanna see David go through hell again," stressed Millz, before being asked to "shut up about it".

"Please don't tell me to shut up, thank you," was her admirably calm response. "Don't be so grumpy, you're the queen. It's a panto you're in, you've got a leading role. I think it's time for a new queen," the Irishman said. Almost inevitably, she fired back: "I think it's time for a new king!"

Zeze Millz - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Millz was praised for her handling of the situation on social media. (ITV)

How did fans react on social media?

Posting on social platform X, Celebrity Big Brother viewers were both impressed by Millz's handling of the situation and the incessancy of their bickering.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on ITV1.

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