Catch-up: The girl behind the mask

SN ART Catch-up: the girl behind the mask

CLICK HERE to read a letter from Dana Vulin to Sunday Night viewers.

Asleep in her Perth apartment in the early hours of February 16 2012, Dana Vulin was woken by an intruder.

Standing over her was a woman she’d met just once before, Natalia Dimitrosvka. Natalia had recently separated from her husband Edin and was desperate to get him back. She was jealous of Dana, who she suspected was now romantically involved with Edin.

After an all night crystal meth binge Natalia and a male friend climbed into Dana’s apartment via her back balcony. What happened next would change Dana’s life forever.

Natalia doused her in methylated spirits and set her alight. The pair fled the apartment, leaving Dana for dead.

Dana suffered third-degree burns to 64 per cent of her body. Her life was saved by the world renowned burns team at Perth’s Royal Hospital, just minutes from her home.

Natalia’s jealous rage has left Dana in unimaginable pain, facing a lifetime of rehabilitation, surgery and constant care­ but her spirit is not broken.

For the first time on television, and supported by her loving mum and sister, Dana told Sunday Night her incredible story exclusively to Sunday Night.

To show your support for Dana and keep up to date with her progress, like the We Heart Dana Vulin Facebook page. Dana is also trying to raise $250,000 to help with her ongoing lifelong treatment – you can help her out by donating via her Everyday Hero page.