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Ukrainian soldier Valera Kucherenko working with his bionic hands. - CNN
Ukrainian soldier Valera Kucherenko working with his bionic hands. - CNN

1️⃣ Modern healing: Advancements in artificial intelligence and bionics are allowing injured Ukrainian soldiers to return to action. AI or machine learning can help patients who’ve lost limbs regain movement, and in some cases even gain functions they didn’t originally have. ➕ Privacy experts sound the alarm over Microsoft’s latest AI tool.

2️⃣ Aid for children: A YouTube star known as Ms Rachel decided to raise money for kids in Gaza and other war zones. “We should be ashamed of how children around the world are suffering,” she wrote. Ms Rachel was discouraged by some negative comments but managed to collect $50,000 in a matter of hours. Her “Songs for Littles” video series has millions of fans around the world.

3️⃣ Home prices: Houses are getting increasingly unaffordable in cities like San Diego, Chicago and Detroit. First-time buyers are getting hit especially hard. The one bit of good news is that a rise in prices means that existing homeowners are seeing their wealth grow.

4️⃣ Fish oil supplements: They’re a popular way to ward off cardiovascular disease — especially for people over 60 — but a new study questions their effectiveness. They might actually increase the risk of first-time stroke and atrial fibrillation in healthy people.

5️⃣ Flower moon: Stargazers are in for a treat as the full moon returns, peaking on Thursday morning. It’s called the flower moon because it appears in late spring, when many flowering plants begin to bloom again after their winter slumber. ➕ Scientists are closer to unraveling the mystery of the sun’s magnetic field.

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🗣️ Hey Siri! Susan Bennett, the original voice behind Apple’s digital assistant, explains how she had to read thousands of phrases and sentences and thought the recordings would be used for phone messaging. Her voice soon became synonymous with Siri.

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$7.7 billion

💰 The Biden administration announced the cancellation of that amount in student loans for 160,000 Americans in its ongoing efforts to relieve soaring college debt.


Surprise vote: The British leader called for an election to be held July 4 as his Conservative Party faces an uphill struggle to extend its 14 years in power.

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Bonnie Cash/Reuters/File
Bonnie Cash/Reuters/File

🏛️ Rudy Giuliani and 10 others pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election in which state?
A. Georgia
B. Arizona
C. New York
D. Nevada
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Wheelchair tennis star Diede de Groot is only 27 years old, but she’s already one of the sport’s all-time greats. That’s appropriate for the Dutch star since her name translates into “great.” She’s the favorite for the gold medal at this summer’s Paralympic Games in Paris. Learn about what fuels her unprecedented success.

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🧠 Quiz answer: B. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, also was ordered to post a $10,000 bond during his arraignment in Arizona.
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