Catch up on the day’s news: Immigration ruling, ‘Goon Squad’ sentencing, spring equinox

👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! This story about scammers creating fake obituaries to get clicks and ad revenue details a modern twist on a familiar con. They’re even using artificial intelligence to optimize death announcements padded with key words for Google searches. The victims are very much alive — and outraged. “Reading your own obituary is a surreal experience,” one said.

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Migrants cross the border from Mexico into Texas. - David Peinado/NURPHO/AP/File
Migrants cross the border from Mexico into Texas. - David Peinado/NURPHO/AP/File

1️⃣ Immigration ruling: The Supreme Court cleared the way for Texas to immediately begin enforcing a controversial immigration law that lets the state arrest and detain people suspected of entering the country illegally. 📹 Watch a CNN analyst’s reaction

2️⃣ ‘Goon Squad’: The first of six former Mississippi officers was sentenced to 20 years in prison for torturing two Black men. Another ex-officer received more than 17 years.

3️⃣ Peter Navarro: The former aide to Donald Trump reported to federal prison, making history as the first ex-White House official imprisoned for contempt of Congress. 📹 Hear what Navarro had to say

4️⃣ Spring equinox: The first day of spring ushers in longer days, and it’s either today or Wednesday depending on where in the world you live.

5️⃣ State primaries: Voters headed to the polls today in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio. Follow live updates

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👀 Out and about: A new video shows Catherine, Princess of Wales, for the first time since her surgery. She went shopping with Prince William over the weekend.

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❗All but one of the world’s 100 worst polluted cities are in Asia.

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🎧 Touchy topic: Dr. Sanjay Gupta sits down with best-selling author Lindy West for a conversation about what we’re getting wrong when we talk about weight.

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😎 We like to wrap things up on a positive note:
Ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” were stolen from a museum 19 years ago. Now the bedazzled shoes are finally back home with their rightful owner.

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