Catalogue fail: Questionable name used by JB Hi-Fi

The choice of wording reportedly used to advertise an Xbox bundle in a JB Hi-Fi catalogue has sparked online debate.

According to Kotaku Australia the catalogue was displaying the nickname "Race Wars" for the bundle including an Xbox console and the games Halo Wars 2 and Forza Horizon 3.

The advertisement was due to appear in catalogues from yesterday but NewsCorp reports it has been pulled from circulation.

Source: @ThirstyNintendo

In the online catalogue, which is now available on the website, the offer is being called the 1TB Halo Horizon Bundle.

Kotaku Australia reports that staff raised concerns before an internal memo was sent which said: "We have been advised that some store staff who have seen the catalogue have interpreted the title in a more political context".

"Please note that it is intended purely as a reference from the Fast and the Furious franchise ... please share with your teams to ensure they have the background if consumers come at this from a political angle."

Screenshot of online catalogue

The publication claims Microsoft has said it is not responsible for the bundle's advertising or creation.

Seven News Online has contacted JB Hi-fi for further comment, but has not received a response.