Cash spill on Texas highway prompts driver dash

Cash spill on Texas highway prompts driver dash. Photo: Joel Aldridge/Twitter

Drivers made a speedy dash for cash when an armored truck vehicle shed its money load on a Texas highway.

Police said traffic hit a snarl when drivers began stopping along the highway to grab the loose money.

The armored truck was travelling on the Interstate 20 towards Abilene, Texas, when the side door opened and a large wad of cash fell out, according to the Weatherford Police Department.

The incident led to a spontaneous highway clean up by several unidentified drivers, and prompted a stern warning from police.

"Weatherford police would like to warn drivers and citizens in the area to not stop along the interstate and attempt to locate any cash," a police spokesperson said in a statement.

"The presence of individuals along the interstate creates a hazardous situation for drivers and law enforcement in the area."

Pictures and video which appear to capture the scramble have been circulating on social media.

The majority of cash is yet to be recovered and police have urged drivers to return the lost money.

News break - April 13