Carville on Biden’s dismal debate: He relies on ’employees’ not ‘advisers’

Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville said President Biden does not have advisers telling him what to do, he has employees, in comments after his poor debate showing on Thursday night.

Since the debate between Biden and former President Trump, the conversation has been centered on whether Biden should step aside and allow another Democrat to take on Trump in the polls.

Carville told Axios that he never thought Biden running “was a nifty idea” and predicts that Biden will be off the ballot by Election Day.

Some Democrats are sounding the alarm after the debate while others are sticking behind the president. Despite what his campaign staff may think, Carville said there are only a few people who the president really listens to.

“He doesn’t have advisers. He has employees,” Carville said.

The fact that some House Democrats are questioning his capabilities was unthinkable before the debate, but now some say “it’s time for him to step aside.”

Staunch Biden allies, like former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), defended his performance and character. Pelosi said Biden “got off to a bad start,” but his integrity was “far better” than Trump’s “dishonesty.”

Another former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), also weighed in, arguing that no one can negotiate with Biden and the only way the ticket will change is if he bows out himself.

Axios reported that a small circle of Biden’s closest allies — Jill Biden, his wife; Valerie Biden, his sister; and Ted Kaufman, his longtime friend — are ultimately the “only Biden deciders.”

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