WATCH: Carpet python swallows possum whole

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Locals from Brisbane's east have captured footage of a three-metre python devouring a possum in a tree outside their window.

Video footage shows the enormous carpet python hanging from a tree while it eats the possum.

"Look at it go, look," one person can be heard saying in the video as a group looks on.

"Well, the possum's f***ed," one man could be heard saying.

The snake was found hanging from a tree with a possum in its mouth. Source: Facebook / Brisbane Snake Catchers

Brisbane woman Courtney Hathway discovered the snake hanging from a tree outside her home on Wednesday night.

Ms Hathway watched the encounter with her brother and housemate.

"It makes me so sad for the possum… he'd be suffocating," she said.

The snake ate the possum whole. Source: Facebook / Brisbane Snake Catchers

The group decided it would be best for a snake catcher to come and collect the animal.

"They weren't too bothered by their Aussie wildlife encounter, however, they decided it was best for us to come and relocate the python off the property, as they were concerned for their small outdoor pets," Brisbane Snake Catchers wrote in a Facebook post.