My Carhartt Overalls Define Me—And I’m OK With That

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Carhartt.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Carhartt.

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My mom asks me what I want for my birthday and Christmas every year. It’s rare for my mom to buy me a blind gift—not because she doesn’t want to make her way through crowds of unhinged last-minute Bloomingdale’s shoppers, but because I’m her “pickiest” kid. I’d disagree by saying my style changes as often as I change my underwear, and I know my mom doesn’t want to spend money on something with an expiration date. So, for Christmas 2022, I sent my mom an Amazon link to a pair of Carhartt overalls. Without question, she hit “order” and crossed my name off her list. It’s still hard to tell if I was on her naughty or nice list that year—I think it’s the former—but either way, I entered the new year with a new pair of overalls that would quickly become my favorite piece in my closet for the foreseeable future.

Before my first pair of Carhartt overalls, I didn’t know much about the brand. After some research, I learned that Carhartt & Company has been around for over 100 years and has a long line of family history embedded into every stitch—which made me love my new overalls even more. The brand’s founder, Hamilton Carhartt, introduced the Original Denim Bib Overalls in the late 1800s and pioneered the workwear game by suiting the needs of the everyday railroad worker through quality materials. Fun fact: Carhartt & Company offered seven manufacturing facilities to the government to create uniforms during World War I, and during World War II, they made uniforms for soldiers, marines, and women entering the workforce—could Carhartt be the reason I love a man in uniform?

Over a century later and becoming increasingly popular on Instagram and TikTok, the Made in the USA brand earned its billion-dollar status and navigated its way through the ups and downs of the post-pandemic economy like most family-led businesses. Lucky for them, stylish Amazon shoppers are buying, and content creators like Bradley Thor are rocking their Carhartt fits all over social media.

Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overalls

The brand offers several different types of overall styles, but my favorite is the Men’s Bib Overalls Relaxed Fit. They have become a staple in my wardrobe, and yes, I own them in black. After all, I’m a publicist, of course I wear all black. The Men’s Bib Overalls Relaxed Fit has my highest stamp of approval, and that’s because they have seen it all (and are only about $90). They’ve worked with me through my press and influencer events, spent long nights at the office, helped me move into my new loft, and the list goes on.

Buy Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overalls at Amazon, $90

I’ll keep it real, though; the only downside of these overalls, or any overalls, is having to strip down to use the boy’s room. Carhartt overalls are like my version of a SKIMS body suit, but needless to say, the pros outweigh the cons. Coming from someone who only recently acquired the butch aesthetic and still can’t mount a TV to the wall to save my life, they passed every “day in the life of Wally” test and will be my forever go-to fit.

Talking about Carhartt makes me feel like I’m Paris Hilton talking about Juicy Couture because when I tried on my first pair of Carhartt overalls, I was obsessed. I’m not just saying that because my style changes frequently; it’s because I could feel the longevity in the material and versatility in the style. When talking about Juicy Couture to Vogue, the hotel heiress said, “I was not only wearing them [the Juicy suit] to the airport or just to chill at my house, I was going out at night in them, and I was rocking them with everything.” Iconic, right? Just like Hilton’s Juicy sweat suit became associated with her image in the ’00s, I’d like to think my Carhartt overalls are becoming a part of mine, too. And while I can’t confirm or deny I will one day have a Carhartt-dedicated closet like Miss Hilton, I’m embracing my obsession wholeheartedly.


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