WATCH: Car slams into Melbourne bank, just missing two people using an ATM

Security pictures captured the moment a car crashed into a bank in Melbourne, narrowly avoiding two people who were using a nearby ATM.

The vehicle can be seen mounting the footpath outside the Commonwealth Bank at Hampton Park, southeast of the city, just before 6pm Tuesday night.

The couple were at the ATM when the car came crashing in. Source: 7 News
The car slammed into the bank, sending a cloud of dust through the area. Source: 7 Newssize=O

It then hits a supporting pillar, bringing the whole roof crashing down at the entrance to the bank.

"We heard a really loud noise. Sounded like a bomb. The whole office shook," a witness said.

"We ran outside, saw that a car had driven through a brick piller, nearly hit the bank. There was smoke everywhere. You couldn't see anything. It was absolutely crazy."

Three cars were damaged but miraculously no one was injured – including the 30-year-old driver who has only been in Australia for a month.

Multiple CCTV cameras captured the crash. Source: 7 News
No one was injured in the crash. Source: 7 News

The Sri Lankan national was helped out of the car by a passer-by.

He was not arrested, indicating there was no alcohol or drugs involved but it's been suggested he might want to invest in some parking lessons.

The bank will be closed until further notice so repairs can be carried out.