This car’s heart-shaped steering wheel glow up is out of this world

On this episode of Glow Up Garage, host and auto enthusiast Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) gives her car a custom heart-shaped steering wheel that you’re bound to fall in love with. Want your own DIY custom steering wheel in your ride? Follow Anatalia’s easy instructions to learn how!

For this DIY car upgrade, you’ll need a steering wheel, an Allen wrench, and—depending on the steering wheel—you might also need a Phillips screwdriver.

First thing’s first: turn off your car battery! With the battery off, you can safely commence your auto project. To install a new steering wheel, you must first remove the old one. Use your Allen wrench to gently take out the bolts that are holding in your old steering wheel. Once the bolts are out, you can remove your steering wheel and the car horn along with it.

Anatalia’s new heart-shaped steering wheel comes with a backing “which is holding the hardware.” She removes the backing to allow the hardware to come off. Then, she places her new steering wheel into position and connects the horn wire to the input on the back.

Now it’s time to install the heart-shaped steering wheel! Anatalia notes that her new steering wheel has the same amount of holes for the bolts as her old steering wheel, so she doesn’t need an adapter. But, if your new steering wheel has a different number of holes, there are adapters that can easily solve this problem.

Anatalia’s heart-shaped steering wheel came with a ring-shaped plate that goes over the bolts. The host sets the plate and makes sure it all lines up before placing the bolts. Once everything is straight, Anatalia installs her bolts in a star pattern and once the last bolt is in, the steering wheel upgrade is complete and she’s ready to drive off into the sunset with a new and improved heart-shaped steering wheel.

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