Car crashes into home, family relieved the cat escaped unharmed

A Melbourne family say they are thankful their cat has escaped injury after a car ploughed into the family’s front room.

The driver, a man aged in his 30s, suffered an epileptic fit before losing control of his Mitsubishi ute and crashing into the Pohls’s home in Ferntree Gully.

Luckily, Rochelle Pohls had dropped the couple’s nine and 12-year-old children at school at the time of the crash.

The utility crashed into the Ferntree Gully home. Source: 7News

“I don’t know how you tell your kids when it’s the room you sit in every day,” Mrs Pohls said.

Witness John Vasila said the man’s vehicle left the road at a nearby roundabout before crashing into the double-storey home.

“The first person who got to the car found (the driver) still having a seizure. He’s fine. He’s gone to hospital for checks,” senior constable Daniel Seath said.

The damage to the front of the Pohls's home. Source: 7News

Once the car was removed from the front of the property Rochelle and Adam Pohls began their frantic search for eight-month-old pet Marbles.

The family were joined in the search before Marbles was found hiding behind the toilet.

Rochelle Pohls and the family cat Marbles. Source: 7News

The Pohls, and Marbles, will move into temporary accommodation until engineers give the family the all-clear to move back into their home.