Stolen car crashes at Regency Park after police chase

A 14-year-old girl is among six teenagers arrested following a wild high speed chase through suburban Adelaide this morning where bottles of alcohol were allegedly thrown at police cars.

The chase came to an end when the stolen silver Commodore smashed into the back of a truck at the intersection of Churchill Rd and Regency Rd at Regency Park

Police said the occupants of the vehicle allegedly stole bottles of alcohol from a Munno Para shop just after 11am.

Witnesses say after crashing their getaway car, three of the suspects tried to escape through the Prospect Recycling Centre.

“We had one fella jump up over the roof, down into the next store and another one jump down into the backyard here where they were both arrested,” one witness said.

Two other women were arrested nearby after allegedly jumping out of the car during the pursuit.

The car was tracked by police using a helicopter as it hit speeds of 110kph.

“Up to six people in that vehicle were throwing bottle of liquor onto the roadway in an attempt to evade police,” Inspector Matt Nairn said.

The car sideswiped a number of other vehicles before slamming into the truck at Regency Park.

“I’d be a fair old speed because he hit me full on so he must have been doing at least 80 or 100 km an hour,” truck driver Malcolm Groth said.

Mr Groth was shaken but not injured.

All six suspects have been charged.

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