Capilano University closes 2 campuses for 3 days over threat

Capilano University closed its two North Vancouver campuses for three days after a student reportedly made a violent threat to another student.

The university, which announced the closure of the main Purcell Way and Lonsdale campuses on Friday, said on Saturday morning that they would remain closed this weekend, and that it will provide an update with regard to the reopening on Sunday at 7 p.m. PT.

Capilano president Paul Dangerfield said in a statement that the university became of the aware of the threat on Thursday. He also said it was "specific to [a] student and the CapU campus on June 21" and was made by another student.

Capilano University in North Vancouver is pictured in April 2016.
Capilano University's main campus is located in the Lynnmour neighbourhood of North Vancouver. (CBC)

"Violence, intimidation and bullying is unacceptable at Capilano University," Dangerfield said. "Appropriate authorities, including the police of jurisdiction, were notified and are following up as required to ensure the continued safety of the CapU community."

The university did not state the exact nature of the threat or who was involved. And they were not immediately available to comment further.

North Vancouver RCMP were also not immediately available to comment on Saturday.

Capilano University has around 12,700 students, according to its website. The main campus is in North Vancouver's Lynnmour neighbourhood.