Canberra bus driver who threatened 'Columbine' style mass shooting has sacking upheld

Canberra bus driver who threatened 'Columbine' style mass shooting has sacking upheld

A Canberra bus driver, who threatened the possibility of a ‘Columbine massacre’ style mass shooting, has had his sacking upheld.

Peter Lambos reportedly made the threat to ACTION buses health and safety boss Julie Mylchreest, during a phone call in December 2014.

The Canberra Times reported Lambos was later sacked after a psychiatric assessment provided no justification for his actions.

Lambos appealed the decision to fire him to the Fair Work Commission, arguing his former employer should have known he didn’t intend to open fire on his co-workers.

He argued that he used the word Columbine to get his point across that the health and safety situation was escalating to ‘dangerous levels’ within his workplace.

He reportedly had a good work record with the employer and felt that should have been considered in the decision.

The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting that happened in the US in 1999.

The Fair Work Commission tribunal has since found Lambos was not unfairly dismissed, despite the possibly of a mass shooting at the Canberra bus dept being unlikely.

Ms Mylchreest said she felt shaken and ‘sick to the stomach’ after what she felt was a ‘disturbing conversation’, News Corp reported.

Lambos reportedly spoke of ‘reprisals’ for what he claimed was the ‘despicable attitude’ of ACTION management.

Ms Mylchreest said she was told by Lambos that if ACTION management touched him, it would be ‘another Columbine’.

Lambos did not deny referencing the school shooting, but argued the specifics of the conversation.

He claimed his outburst had come in response to him being victim of workplace bullying.

The Fair Work Commission tribunal found Lambos words about Columbine constituted a threat, which was also reported to police.

While his managers did not believe they were likely to be shot, they reportedly took the threat very seriously.