Can you spot the deadly tiger snake?

The thought of a deadly tiger snake slithering past your leg is enough to make a grown man cry, so what happens when you can’t even see it?

A seemingly generic landscape image shared by a Victorian snake catcher has gone viral online.

But a closer look reveals something sinister tucked away in the grass.

Diamond Creek snake catcher Mark Pelley discovered the venomous reptile tucked behind a home northeast of Melbourne.

Despite what he may say, it is no easy find.

“The snake is quite obvious in the image. People think of a long snake, they look for patterns,” Mr Pelley told News Corp.

A closer look at this viral image reveals something much sinister tucked away in the grass. Source: Facebook

“But generally it’s just the eyes and the mouth looking at you. There are a lot more snakes than people realise.”

In an effort to make people more aware of snake season, Mr Pelley ran a competition to see who could spot the snake.

In 46-hours, just 31 of 39,000 people were able to point out where the well-camouflaged reptile was.

Can you spot it?

The deadly Tiger snake proved tricky to locate. Source Facebook

“Tiger snakes are the fifth or sixth most venomous snake,” he added.

"You could die in about half an hour from the bite without treatment."

Mr Pelley added that there is no need to kill a snake if it makes its way near your home, urging people to call a local snake catcher.