Can a hashtag save a relationship?

A heartbroken Sydney man has launched a Twitter campaign in a desperate bid to win back his girlfriend.

Michael Munday has pleaded with users, including Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes, to help reunite with ex-partner Melissa.

He now has more than 34,000 followers who appear to have heard his digital cries for assistance.

"Now over 2000 supporters, let's keep this going. Retweet please #michaellovesmelissa #love #2ndchance," Munday posted four days ago.

It's not yet known what sparked the epic online show of affection, but Munday is clearly asking for Michelle's forgiveness Tweeting: 'I deserve a second chance. l DIDN'T DO IT.'

In a message to Yahoo7 Michael said his campaign, which has been panned by some users, has been misunderstood.

"My actions [have been taken] out of context, and accused my action as stalking, sickening, creepy, inappropriate," Michael wrote.

"I wish people could see this for what it is, an attempt at the worlds (sic) biggest apology, and a declaration of love."

Sexologist and Relationship Expert Dr Nikki Goldstein told Yahoo7 Michael's campaign could well be a grand gesture.

"Maybe one of the problems was that he wasn't open with his emotions, or open with it in public," Dr Goldstein said.

But also concedes that Michael's approach could very well work against him - adding that modern dating and the use of social media brings a whole new set of dramas, in which we don't yet have a rule book for.

Michael pictured with the object of his affections Melissa. Photo: Supplied
Michael pictured with the object of his affections Melissa. Photo: Supplied

"[Melissa's] ex-partner has now broadcast their personal issues, so there's (possible) embarrassment and loss of privacy, or boundaries that have been crossed," Goldstein said.

There is no official word yet on how Melissa feels about the Twitter campaign, or if she will consider taking him back.

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