Camila Cabello says songwriting will mature as she grows as a woman

Camila Cabello says songwriting will mature as she grows as a woman

Camila Cabello is looking forward to writing “beautiful” songs about marriage and parenthood one day.

The ‘Havana’ hitmaker hailed penning her new album ‘C, XOXO’ as a “form of therapy” and while inspiration came from “questioning everything” and learning from her mistakes, she knows that will change with age and life experience.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I’m 27 now but at some point, I’m going to be married with kids and I’ll probably write a beautiful folk song about that.

“But right now, I’m in the phase of experiencing and questioning everything I can.

“I want to make mistakes and learn because now is the time to do it, before the next phase comes along.

“At this age, you’re looking for answers about life, love, career, the next step.

“Live your questions – that’s a big theme of my album.”

The former Fifth Harmony singer admitted her new tracks have very different themes to her previous work because she has delved deep into her “complex” feelings.

She said: “I feel as though this album has a different perspective.

“Before, a lot of my songs were about going through something like a break-up but saying, ‘No problem. Life goes on. I’m happy.’

“This is more focused on feelings and how you can go through a break-up and still miss that person even though you shouldn’t.

“It is more complex and indefinite. This is a whole new territory for me.”

The ’He Knows’ singer can’t wait to get back out on the road.

She said: “I needed to live a normal life for a while but now I feel ready to get out there with this album.

“I’ve had the best time of my life and now we’re ready to share it with the world and get energy back from people. I’m excited.”