Camel milk expert says government ban 'pathetic'

Camel milk expert Dr Millie Hinkle says she has seen 'mind-blowing' results from camel milk in children with Autism and chronic diseases.

"It sounds like a fairy tale because the studies that have been done with every illness diabetes, autism, cancer, crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, all types of liver diseases."

She has studied camel milk for nearly 30 years and says its unique proteins and amino acids have a remarkable effect on health.

"We see children when we start them on the milk immediately, some within a few hours start to speak who did not speak before, the seizures stop, they sleep better, they pay attention, they interact with other people."

Australia has more wild camels than anywhere else on earth and, unlike those in the Middle East ours are disease free.

In Australia it is against the law to sell camel milk for human consumption, drastically reducing the market for an expensive and labour-intensive farming practice.

"The government I think is absolutely pathetic," Dr Hinkle said.

"Australia is a goose with a golden egg, it is sitting on a gold mine. Why? Because Australia has no hoof and mouth disease which is prevalent in all the Middle Eastern countries."

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