Instagram influencers slammed for 'insulting' behaviour with holy water at Bali temple

There have been calls to ban an Instagram couple from Bali after video emerged of them playing crudely with holy water at a sacred site.

Dr Arya Wedakarna, a Bali senator, shared video of Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka on his Instagram account on Monday.

Dr Wedakarna added the pair, from the Czech Republic, had visited the Beji Temple in Ubud Monkey Forest.

In the video, Ms Dolezalova and Mr Slouka are seen near water flowing from a spout at the temple.

Ms Dolezalova bends over and Mr Slouka splashes her with water on the buttocks.

She giggles and screams.

An Instagram video shows Czech fitness model Sabina Dolezalova being splashed on the buttocks with holy water at Bali's Beji Temple by Zdenek Slouka.
Czech fitness model Sabina Dolezalova gets splashed on the buttocks with holy water at Bali's Beji Temple by Zdenek Slouka. Source: Instagram/ Sabina Dolezalova

Dr Wedakarna accused the Instagram couple of “harassing” the temple.

Other people are calling for the pair to be “blacklisted” from visiting Bali.

One woman called for Dr Wekakarna to “act firmly” on punishing the pair.

“I am not Balinese and not Hindu, but I am very insulted by their stupidity,” she wrote.

“it’s really insulting to Indonesia.”

Pictured are Zdenek Slouka and Sabina Dolezalova. The couple, both Instagram fitness models, have been criticised for playing with holy water at Bali's Beji Temple.
There have been calls to ban the pair from Bali over the video. Source: Facebook/ Zdenek Slouka and Sabina Dolezalova

Others called their act at the temple “unacceptable” and “disgusting”.

“Deport and block them from visiting Indonesia again,” another woman wrote.

The pair have since apologised over the video and Ms Dolezalova said she’s taken it down.

“We didn’t know it was holy water,” she wrote.

“We are truly sorry.”

Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, both Instagram fitness models from Czech Republic, apologise for playing with holy water at Bali's Beji Temple.
The couple apologise for the video. Source: Instagram/ Shri Gusti Arya Wedakarna III

Mr Slouka also apologised for “dishonouring” the temple in a video with Ms Dolezalova.

“We are so sorry about that and we apologise to you,” he said.

Dr Wedakarna said he plans on summoning the pair.

However, Ms Dolezalova’s manager Daniel Šimkovič told Czech news site Segnam the issue has been resolved.

“A voluntary contribution was proposed to the local village. Whatever amount Sabina and her friends give, it is up to them and purely voluntary,” he told the publication.

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