Calls for grid girls to be red flagged and sent off from Australia's motor racing speedways

Nick McCallum

It could be the end of the road for those scantily clad models that adorn the grids of Australian motor races.

While the rev-head vixens are likely to remain trackside around the world, opponents Down Under are calling for grid girls to be given their marching orders.

Saturday's Clipsal 500 in Adelaide was the grid girls' swansong at that race, with the South Australian Government wanting them banned.

Model Yana Portnoy says the 'grid girls' add atmosphere and being one launched her career. Source: 7 News

And pressure is mounting for Melbourne's Grand Prix to do the same, with Opposition Leader Matthew Guy echoing SA's Labor government.

"I think it's probably an outdated way of entertainment and it's probably time to move on," Mr Guy said.

Opponents say grid girls are an anacronism and need to go from motor racing. Source: 7 News

The Greens' Nina Springle said Adelaide had taken the lead and others should follow.

"My message would be look at what Adelaide has done… they've shown real leadership in this regard," Ms Springle said.

Greens' Nina Springle says the SA ban on grid girls is the right move. Source: 7 News

Former gird girl Yana Portnoy disagrees with the move, saying she would never have launched her modelling career without the racetrack exposure.

"There's no way I would have had an opportunity has not been involved as a grid girl," she said.

"I think it's no harm… if anything it just really adds to the atmosphere."

The Victorian Government will not weigh into the debate, deferring the decision to the Grand Prix organisers.

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