Call the Midwife praised by Rape Crisis for domestic abuse storyline

Rape within marriage wasn't criminalised in the UK until 1992

Call The Midwife's Rose Riley as Sandy Talbot. (BBC)
Call The Midwife's Rose Riley as Sandy Talbot. (BBC)

Call the Midwife has won praise from charity Rape Crisis over its handling of a domestic abuse storyline.

In the much-loved period drama Sandy Talbot has been the victim of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her husband and with the help of Sister Veronica eventually builds up the courage to escape her marriage and make a report to the police.

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After reporting her husband's actions to the police, she is told by a detective that the offences did not "exist" as rape within marriage was legal in the UK until 1992 and the show is set in the 1960s.

Sister Veronica has been supporting Sandy. (BBC)
Sister Veronica has been supporting Sandy. (BBC)

Rape Crisis praised the show's handling of its themes to the Radio Times: "This is a powerful and emotional storyline which clearly shows the trauma caused by rape and the impacts not just for the survivor but for their families and those supporting them."

They added: "It shines a light on how women have been let down by the justice system for years, and how difficult it can be for women to report rape when the system is stacked against them."

The charity also said: "It also shows the power in solidarity, and how important it is to have advocates like Sister Veronica who will fight for survivors' rights. Women like Sister Veronica make up the Rape Crisis movement and continue to fight for change."

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Call the Midwife is often praised for its realism. (BBC)

Call the Midwife is known for weaving real life history into its fictional narrative and has addressed historical events such as the child migrants programme, the introduction of the contraceptive pill and the legalisation of abortion.

The show is originally based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth who was a practising midwife in the East End of London in the 1950's.

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