California military base locked down after ‘gate runner’ drives past security

A California military base went into lockdown after a vehicle ran through the facility’s main gate without stopping.

Military officials say that the “gate runner” incident took place on Friday night at the entrance to Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego Bay.

Naval Base Coronado spokesperson Kevin Dixon told KNSD-TV that the driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene.

 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Mr Dixon later confirmed to NBC 7 that base security fired shots during the incident.

Naval Air Station North Island is one of eight US military facilities that make up Naval Base Coronado.

A number of gates at the air station were closed while security personnel checked the facility.

“The main gate at Naval Air Station North Island is currently closed due to a security incident. Please stay away from the main gate while security conducts its investigation,” said a statement on the Naval Base Coronado Facebook page.

The incident is being investigated by military police and the Coronado Police Department.

Last February, a vehicle that contained unassembled bomb-making materials was stopped at the same gate, reported the Associated Press.

The driver was detained for questions, base officials said at the time.