California dad killed by driver moments after ushering baby ducks off road

Casey Rivara is seen helping a family of ducks cross the road before he was killed   (Courtesy William via KCRA)
Casey Rivara is seen helping a family of ducks cross the road before he was killed (Courtesy William via KCRA)

A father was knocked down and killed after ushering baby ducklings to safety across a road in California.

Casey Rivara was struck by a 17-year-old driver as his children, Sophia and James, aged eleven and six, watched on in horror from the family car.

The freak and tragic accident happened after the 41-year-old had pulled over to help the family of ducks cross a road in Rocklin, California on May 18.

Moments later the driver struck the father-of-two Good Samaritan, who was in the roadway. He died at the scene.

The female driver remained at the scene and was not arrested, a police report stated.

In a statement, his widow Angel Chow, said: “We have been deeply touched by the overwhelming love and support we’ve received for Casey Rivara and our family in these past few days.

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the kind messages and gestures of kindness.

“It’s truly humbling to hear how Casey has positively impacted your lives, and we’re extremely grateful for that.”

His final act of kindness was captured by William Wimsatt, 12, a child of another passing driver.

Speaking to 3KCRA William said: “He got out of the car, he was shooing the ducks everyone was clapping because he was being really nice.

“He helped them get up on the curb because the baby duckies were having trouble.”

His family thanked Mr Rivara but seconds later a car travelling eastbound on Stanford Ranch Boulevard struck and killed him.

“All I remember is the sound and then him flying across the intersection - his shoes and one of his socks were right in front of our car,” he added.

“He was the only person to get out of the car and try and help them and probably the nicest person in the entire area. It’s not fair.”

According to a GoFundMe organised by a family member, Mr Rivara was a husband and father to two young children.

“Casey was the kindest, most amazing husband and father,” the description of the GoFundMe says.

“Even his last act in this world was a sign of his compassion. The family is trying to figure out how to recover and keep going after this immense loss. If you would like to express your love and support for Angel and her family, we ask that you please contribute here in lieu of flowers, meals, and other acts of kindness.”