Bunnings pulls pesticide over concerns it kills bees

In a win for beekeepers, Bunnings have been forced to pull one of its pesticides off the shelves following concerns it could be killing bees.

Some studies suggest the canned product Yates Confidor affects bees' navigation and immune systems resulting in colony death.

The product is absorbed by plants and bees are exposed through pollen.

The hardware company had received several calls from concerned customers requesting the product be removed and confirmed it will be replaced by the end of the year.

But a spokesperson for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) told Fairfax neonicotinoids were "safe".

"This class of pesticides has been used in Australia since the early 1990s and APVMA continue to monitor potential adverse experiences of the chemicals," the spokesman said.

Bunnings has decided to pull the product. Source: AAP
Bunnings has decided to pull the product. Source: AAP

A Bunnings spokesperson said it had reached its decision to pull the product independently despite a petition with 25,000 signatures on it going around.

"(Bunnings ensures) we keep abreast of the evolving science and issues impacting bee populations," Bunnings chief operating officer Clive Duncan said.