Bully knocked down after picking fight with blind kid

Gus Bruno

A viral video is demonstrating just how swiftly karma can come back to bite.

Just seconds after a high school bully punched a blind student in the face following a short confrontation, an intrepid figure enters the fold with a bludgeoning strike of his own.

The bully first punched the blind student just a second before copping a blow to his own face. Photo: YouTube

Video shows the bully crashing to the hard concrete of Huntington Beach High School in Southern California where he remains shocked and motionless.

“Trying to f***ing jump a blind kid, bro,” says the teen, identified as Cody Pines, who intervened as he stands over the bulletin.

“I swear to God, if you f**k with this kid again I will f**k you up."

The bully was left stunned and bloodied after picking a fight with a blind student. Photo: YouTube

Video of the incident has since gone viral after being shared on Reddit, where commenters praised the teen who stood up to the bully.

Despite the internet's praise for his bravado, Cody was suspended under his school's zero tolerance for violence policy.

An online petition was created to have his suspension recalled, which has already gained close to 75,000 signatures.

It's not the first case an indecent act coming full circle to bite the hand that first dealt a cruel blow.

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