Bull shark pulls fisherman into the water in horrifying video

The shocking incident has sparked a warning for other fishermen in the area to keep their hands and feet inside their vessels at all times.

A group of fishermen experienced their “scariest day” yet on the water, after one of them was pulled into the water by a bull shark that latched onto his hand.

The man, named as Nick, had just released a fish and was washing his hands in the murky water at Everglades National Park in Florida when a large shark suddenly emerges, biting on to his hand and yanking him into the water.

His friends immediately jumped into action, screaming “get him! Get him!” as they pulled him back into the boat. Nick’s injured hand left a bloodied print on the side of the boat during the scramble.

A shark latches onto the hand of a fisherman and drags him into the water.
The shark appeared out of nowhere and dragged the fisherman into the water. Source: Facebook

The entire ordeal was captured in a heart stopping video and uploaded to Facebook by one of the other men on the boat, Michael.

“Today was one of the scariest days on the water that I have ever had,” he wrote. “It started off great and my buddies were crushing the fish but despite our best efforts some of the fish were being lost to sharks. After releasing a snook, my friend Nick washed his hands in the water and was immediately bitten by a large bull shark.”

He said the sharks were “unprovoked”, with no blood or chum in the water at the time.

“The sharks are no joke inside of Everglades National Park and and the warnings about keeping your hands and feet inside of the vessel are not an exaggeration. Please take this as a learning experience and learn from Nick’s mistake. This could have been prevented.”

Michael said they raced Nick back to shore where they were met by park rangers and an emergency flight to hospital.

“Today could have gone way worse,” he finished the post.

Within hours the video had been viewed more than 200,000 times.

“He is lucky to be alive.... but this is Darwinism at its finest,” one person wrote.

“It just takes 2 seconds for something to go wrong. Stay safe,” another said.

“Moral of the story… don’t wash your hands twice in the same place. Hope he’s ok. Prayers out to him,” another added.

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