BTS' RM, V complete basic military training


BTS members RM and V achieved a milestone this week as they successfully completed the basic training of South Korea’s mandatory military service.

What they achieved: RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, 29, and V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, 28, graduated from the five-week boot camp training at the Korea Army Training Center in Nonsan and earned the rank of private, according to Yonhap News. For scoring top marks, the BTS members also received an award for elite trainees, which is reportedly given to only about five out of every 200 recruits.

The training included basic combat as well as chemical, biological and radiological defense drills.

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What RM said: In a speech at their graduation ceremony, RM said he felt the need for basic military training in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and acknowledged that it remains in an armistice with its northern counterpart. “I will do my best to carry out my duties, while reflecting on the fact that the peace the Republic of Korea has enjoyed over the past 70 some years is due to the noble sacrifice, efforts and devotion of many people,” he added, as per Yonhap.

RM also shared photos of himself and V on his Instagram page, writing in the caption “Loyalty!”

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What’s next: RM is set to be stationed with a new unit this week. Meanwhile, V will fulfill three more weeks of training after deciding to join the Special Duty Team (SDT) of the Capital Defense Command, an elite counter-terrorism unit.

Jimin (Park Ji-min), 28, and Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook), 26, who enlisted after RM and V, are expected to finish their basic training next Wednesday.

All seven members of BTS are fulfilling their military duties. The K-pop powerhouse is expected to regroup in 2025.

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