Bryce Dallas Howard 'can't be trusted around famous people'

Bryce Dallas Howard gets star-struck around famous people credit:Bang Showbiz
Bryce Dallas Howard gets star-struck around famous people credit:Bang Showbiz

Bryce Dallas Howard "can't be trusted around famous people" because she's so easily star-struck.

The 'Jurassic World' star has admitted that despite growing up in showbusiness with her famous father Ron Howard, she still finds herself acting like a "fangirl" whenever she meets someone she recognises and it gets "embarrassing".

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I get starstruck extremely easily and it’s embarrassing. I blush, I stutter, I say weird things. I get like too excited.

"I act like a fangirl and it takes a while for me to settle down. I can’t be trusted around famous people is the takeaway."

She went on to describe being entertained by Tom Cruise as a child when the Hollywood superstar was working with her dad.

Bryce added: "He wasn’t my babysitter. He just was in a movie directed by my dad. My siblings and I were quite young at the time, so he was just a big kid who was really fun and would entertain us with backflips and feed us whatever we asked for. He was always really cool."

The 43-year-old screen star recently opened up about growing up in Hollywood revealing her filmmaker dad and her writer mum Cheryl refused to let her enter the movie business until after she finished her education.

She told PEOPLE: "I think if I had the chance to act younger, I would've taken it. But I wasn't allowed to. My parents were very firm on that boundary, that they were not going to support anyone who wanted to be a child actor."

Bryce's parents were keen for her to find experience in other industries and it gave her lots of life experience. She shared: "I started working as a waitress on the weekends at a deli, and it was fantastic. Because I was 14, I needed to get a waiver from my parents to be on a payroll, and honestly, I was like, 'This is great.'"

Bryce worked in various roles before she ultimately moved into the movie industry and on reflection, Bryce appreciates that her parents gave her such a well-rounded childhood.

She said: "I'm really glad that they did that because when I did start acting, it took a while to make a living. To be able to be like, 'Oh, okay. I can actually support myself with this.'"