Brutal bashing caught on camera after string of alleged attacks across Sydney's south-west

Kamilia Palu

WARNING, GRAPHIC: Disturbing CCTV footage has surfaced of a man, reportedly high on ice, bashing another man during a violent and thuggish string of assaults in Sydney's south-west.

36-year-old Ricky Hema claims he was in the grip of the drug ‘ice’ when police allege he violently attacked at least four people within the space of two hours.

Hema can be seen allegedly punching, kicking and jumping repeatedly on his victim's unresponsive body. Photo: CCTV

He says he can’t remember the attacks.

Hema’s lawyer Ahmed Dib said his family were apologetic for their son’s actions.

“I spoke to Ricky Hema's family earlier today and they just wanted to extend all their prayers and thoughts to any of the parties involved,” he told 7 News.

The security video shows the suspect approaching an unsuspecting victim from behind and hitting him with a punch that knocks him to the ground in the carpark of a unit complex in Campsie.

Hema approached an elderly gentleman in a Punchbowl pub, where he allegedly kicked him and threw objects at the innocent man. Photo: CCTV

Several kicks to the face follow, but seemingly unsatisfied with the violent assault, the attacker appears to jump on his victim's unresponsive body.

The 27-year-old victim, Oliver Ross, was taken to St George Hospital suffering head injuries.

Hema’s crime spree reportedly began at 1:30pm on January 24 when he allegedly attacked 74-year-old Youssef El-Boustani at the Mirage pub in Punchbowl.

Mr El-Boustani spent more than a week in hospital.

Next he headed to the Royal Sheaf Hotel at Burwood, where police said he attacked two more men and was ordered to leave the venue.

In Burwood, Hema allegedly knocked down two patrons in another assault. Photo: CCTV

He ended his violent rampage in the Campsie car park, knocking Mr Ross out cold.

All of the attacks occurred while Hema was still on bail for another serious attack.

He is now being held in custody after his bail was revoked following his latest attacks.

He could face up to 25 years in jail if he is convicted of the assault charges.

Howard Brown from the Victims of Crime Assistance League told 7 News Hema never should have never been let out on bail in the first place.

The suspect could be seen on security footage smiling and throwing his hands in the air after the reported attacks. Photo: CCTV

“It's not as if his previous offences didn't involve violence. The majority of them did involve violence. He should never have been granted bail in the first place, then we wouldn't have new victims. That's my real concern.”

Victims of crime are calling for a review of police bail procedures.


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